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We’re so certain you’ll love our laser recall/reminder cards that we’ll send you a free sample package of cards to try in your printer. These are 4-up cards (four cards per 8.5 by 11 inch sheet) with blank, white backs that you print on with your laser printer.


What kinds of cards do you publish?

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We design and publish 4-up reminder/recall cards.  They are shipped with blank, white backs so a message and address can be added with a laser printer.

What does 4-up mean?

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4-up means that there are 4 postcards per standard-sized (8.5 x 11 inch) sheet. The sheets are micro-perforated for easy separation after printing. Simply fold the sheets along the perforations and pull the cards apart.

Who purchases your cards?

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Dental offices make up a large part of our business, but our customer list also includes other medical, chiropractic, and veterinary practices–as well as various service-related businesses (such as accountants and insurance advisors). Our cards are suitable for any practice or business that needs to stay in touch with customers or remind them about upcoming appointments.

Why should I use physical cards when I can send my patients/clients a text or email?

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Two words: Digital Overload. It’s become so prevalent in today’s world for every website you interact with to send you emails. It’s causing a digital fatigue. Read about it here.

Sending a physical card in the mail, especially one with a beautiful image, will help your patients remember their appointments. Emails/texts can be inadvertently deleted. A postcard can be stuck to the fridge or bulletin board as a physical, visual reminder. Studies have shown that sending a physical postcard is a highly effective method of reminding patients of upcoming


The Story of PatientCare Cards

PatientCare Cards was founded in 2006 in Vancouver, Washington by an avid nature photographer. His goal was to provide high quality printed photographs to aid health care professionals using beautiful imagery from nature.

We are both veterans of the print industry and took over the company in 2018. While retired from working for print manufacturing plants, we’re both admittedly print and design ‘nerds’ - passionate about the power of ink on paper. Currently, we actively seek to use our talents to produce high quality, useful, and beautiful products to facilitate effective communication between providers and patients.

We’re confident that our patient recall cards will enhance the professional image of your practice and be appreciated by your patients.

In fact, we’re so certain you’ll love our patient recall cards that we’ll send you a free sample package. Just let us know which designs you’d like to try, and we’ll promptly put a package in the mail. Please feel free to contact us to request a sample package or with any questions you have. We’d like to have you as a customer.

Susan Bernauer & Jeff Cavanaugh,
Owners, PatientCare Cards

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