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What kinds of cards do you publish?
We design and publish 4-up reminder/recall cards.  They are shipped with blank, white backs so a message and address can be added with a laser printer.

What does 4-up mean?
4-up means that there are 4 postcards per standard-sized (8.5 x 11 inch) sheet. The sheets are micro-perforated for easy separation after printing. Simply fold the sheets along the perforations and pull the cards apart.

Who purchases your cards?
Dental offices make up a large part of our business, but our customer list also includes other medical, chiropractic, and veterinary practices–as well as various service-related businesses (such as accountants and insurance advisors). Our cards are suitable for any practice or business that needs to stay in touch with customers or remind them about upcoming appointments.

Why should I use physical cards when I can send my patients/clients a text or email?
Two words: Digital Overload. It’s become so prevalent in today’s world for every website you interact with to send you emails. It’s causing a digital fatigue. Read about it here. Sending a physical card in the mail, especially one with a beautiful image, will help your patients remember their appointments. Emails/texts can be inadvertently deleted. A postcard can be stuck to the fridge or bulletin board as a physical, visual reminder. Studies have shown that sending a physical postcard is a highly effective method of reminding patients of upcoming appointments. Read more here.

How can I request cards to try with my printer and software
Contact us here to request samples.

My office only has inkjet printers. Will these work in my printer?
Our cards have a protective clear matte coating that prevents scuffing when sent through the USPS machines. Some users have noticed when using inkjet printers that the ink takes a long time to dry. We recommend that you request a free sample pack to try in your printer and see how they work for you.

I want to print my own message on the back of the cards, but I’m awful at layout. Do you have a template I can use?
Yes, we do. Download our MSWord template document here and modify it as you see fit. We have designed this template to conform to USPS guidelines for postcards. There are areas on a postcard that should not have any print on them, and an area specifically reserved for the recipient’s address. We also have a template showing the acceptable printing areas on a postcard. Download that template here.

I’m not good with computers. Can you print on the backs of the cards for me?
Yes. Please email us directly and we can discuss rates for layout, proofs, and printing the cards. Please note that we do not offer variable data printing, so you’ll still have to write your patients’ addresses or use a label.

How many designs do you have?
We currently have 39 designs.  They’re divided into three groups: Picture Only, A Friendly Reminder, and A Dental Reminder.  The Picture Only and A Friendly Reminder designs are suitable for any user.  The Dental Reminder cards are designed specifically for dental practices.

I saw a design I liked when I looked at your site a while ago, but I don’t see it offered now. How can I get it?
We do have a few designs that are discontinued and will not be back in stock. We also have some that are currently out of stock, but will be reprinted in the near future. Let us know which design you’re interested in and we will explore reprinting it.

I have a custom photo that I would like to have on my cards. Can you do this?
We can, but the minimum order would be 10,000 cards (2,500 sheets). Please email us directly. if you have a request of this nature.

How do I pay for my order?
Use our secure, encrypted e-commerce portal to order and you can use your credit card or PayPal. If you’ve faxed us an order, we’ll send an invoice with your cards. You can send us a check upon receipt of your order or we can call you to run a credit card.

Can I still use a credit card to pay for my order if I faxed it to you?
Yes. Be sure to include your phone number on the order form and we will call you to run the credit card. For security reasons, do NOT include your credit card information on the fax.

How long will it take my order to arrive?
In most cases, we send out packages the day after receiving your order.  We use USPS or UPS Ground, depending on the size of the order. Most orders will arrive in 5-7 days. We will include a tracking number for each order so you can see exactly where it is. All orders ship from our office in Seattle, WA.

Is this product made in the USA?
Yes. We work with Image Pressworks in Portland, OR who uses only domestic materials.

Do you print your cards on recycled paper?
The paper used in our cards is 50% recycled fiber.  It’s a beautiful paper manufactured with a chlorine-free bleaching process.  Our cards are printed locally and the packing material in our shipping boxes is recyclable with your mixed-paper recycling.

What if I want a quantity that isn’t a multiple of 100? (i.e. 250 FR2, 250 FR4)
No problem. Download our order form here, fill it out and send it by fax or email it to us. You’ll receive the same pricing.

My printer keeps jamming when I try to print the cards. What do I do?
We always recommend that you use your printer’s manual paper feed to print our cards. Check your printer’s manual for instructions. Also, be sure to check your print settings, and adjust them accordingly. Some printer software allows you to choose card stock or thicker paper, which causes the paper to go through the printer more slowly. Some also offer a coated paper option. Try different settings and see which works best for your specific printer. For more information about how to successfully print our cards, click here.

Your cards don’t seem as sturdy as others. Can you print on a heavier weight card?
Our cards are printed on a 7 point thickness paper stock, which is the thinnest permissible under USPS regulations. This helps ensure that our cards will go through your printer without jamming, and yet still stand up to the rigors of going through the mail.

I’m a photographer and I would love to see one of my photos on your cards. Do you accept photo submissions?
Sure! We’re not planning on introducing any new designs right away, but we’re always looking for that next beautiful, eye-catching image.

Why is there a bar of chocolate included with my order?

It’s a thank-you tradition that the founder of the company started, and we decided to continue. Our customers enjoy a sweet treat when they receive their shipment!

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